Author Bio

MP Ashman debuted in 2012 with Black Hollow, a fantasy fiction novella about Jessica Bannerly, a girl who believes herself to be far from special until she is whisked away into a magical kingdom where an ancient wizard believes her to be his only way of escaping a mystical prison. This was followed a year later by Black Hollow Part II, in which the wizard uses Jessica’s best friend, Ciara, and her brother, Justin, to finally win his freedom.

In 2014, Ashman turned to science fiction, with the novella Time’s Child, following Nina Sumner, a technophobic twenty-first-century teen who discovers that the life she has is not the one to which she belongs.

With The Water Tower, Ashman begins a whole new saga in the Time Twins science fiction series for young adults.

MP Ashman lives in Toowoomba with his family, including his cat, Prue.